7 Training Events Around Europe in FIWARE Startup Weekends

Here are the times and places of the bootcamps / FIWARE Startup Weekends which referred to in the earlier post about the app dev funding. We do the part on Advanced Web UIs.


Basic info copy-pasted below from the FIWARE site, see there for more info.

October 2-5
Germany: Hamburg
Italy: Milan

October 16-19
Germany: Berlin
France: Sophia-Antipolis
Spain: Valencia

November 13-16
Portugal: Lisbon
France: Rennes

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realXtend in EU Future Internet initiative – 80M funding for application dev

Base technologies from realXtend, including the WebTundra HTML5 client, the Tundra server, and geographical information servers (POI, GIS), are now included in EU’s catalog of so-called generic enablers for future internet application development. Today, the EU FI initiative is launching an open call for app developers: a whopping >80M euros is there for startup businesses.

The launch for that app / web service dev funding is at the ECFI event in Munich, from Tue to Thu, and I’ll be demoing WebTundra and giving introductory workshops etc. there. There’s also a round of bootcamps coming around Europe in the coming weeks where our folks from Adminotech, Cyberlightning, Playsign and our German partners from DFKI will be coaching our 3d Web and related backend service tools.

For more info see the funding call at ECFI and WebTundra and other entries in the FIWARE catalog. Let’s start making good use of the technologies which are nice and mature now, largely thanks to WebGL and other browser efforts during the past years and the three.js graphics library — the time is now, with plenty of money available to help get started!

Cloud Party People – Welcome to realXtend?

Quite some news: http://blog.cloudparty.com/2014/01/24/a-sunset-for-cloud-party/

They provide Collada export so people can get their worlds / content.

Perhaps they can move to realXtend? This is a perfect example of downsides of proprietary techs, owned by a single company which can just get shut down like that. On open source, anyone and many hosting providers can run the worlds so this would not happen.

We are finally releasing Web client next week, WebTundra made with WebSockets + WebGL — like CloudParty is too — and WebSocket server integrated to Tundra. And friendly Meshmoon hosting, similar to Cloud Party but using realXtend, will feature 1.0 production quality integrated web client.

Interesting times! Also of course intriguing to see what Yahoo will do. But that will also be proprietary and closed, probably takes time too. Who knows perhaps interoperability etc. will be possible also with them eventually etc, with web and possible upcoming vw / 3d internet standards?

Tundra-based immersive space

This picture demonstrates what it looks like when you spread the Tundra's view over six screens.

This picture demonstrates what it looks like when you spread the Tundra’s view over six screens.

Setup: 6 invidual computers and projectors. Each of these computers works as a Tundra client and are connected to Tundra server which has replicated “placeable” component. These clients then get their camera offsets from the server. This shared vision is achieved by using JavaScript code which is imported into Tundra scene.

This picture demonstrates what it looks like when you spread the Tundra’s view over 3 screens on local machine.

This picture demonstrates what it looks like when you spread the Tundra’s view over 3 monitors on local machine.