Simple world authoring tools

The new public demo server to which you can login with the ‘try it’ button here features new simple creation tools. Feel free to test, and here’s a couple of videos that demonstrate them a bit:

This first video shows a little authoring, and also the whole process from starting a viewer and logging in etc .. whole operation in a bit over 2 minutes:

That is a simple way to add web page views, or e.g. images from the web or from your local drive. With easy means to place them just by carrying them around as if your avatar was holding it in his/her hands. Can pick them up again afterwards for carrying the object somewhere else. You can also just drag&drop images from your file system to the world, and they appear in these frames for your avatar to carry around.

The other video demonstrates a simple group feature. Anyone can add groups to a world, to which people can then join by clicking the in-world group object. Those groups work as audio channels for voice chat (Mumble VOIP), visible in the channel list in the voice widget (not shown in this video):

These tools were created last year in the TOY project, the virtual learning environment made for the Finnish school of the future project. But are also just simple generic basics meant for any reX use. Full TOY has been in use in some schools in Oulu, running on Taiga. Full information about that school project and this demo world is in this paper that Pasi is presenting that now at the immersive education summit in Boston:

The public open demo server runs Tundra. Not all of TOY is ported to Tundra yet, but more will be there soon (next in turn is the library). So download latest Tundra (currently 1.0.6), log in, and add your greetings! :) Binary installer is now available for Windows, Linux binaries are also packaged by CIE folks and coming for download next week probably. Last Mac build is still 1.0.3 but hopefully we get a current version of that soon again too.

Any feedback is welcome!

6 thoughts on “Simple world authoring tools

  1. Apparently it pays off to have these simple tools, so people can do fun things on the spur of the moment! Was very nice to look at the computer again, after this evenings match, and see this in-world :)

    2011 Ice Hockey World Champions in reX TOY Lobby

    Is nice to see also other interesting greetings there by others — thanks for leaving your mark!

  2. I’m developing an e-learning and social networking website for students of English as a foreign language. I am very interested in the possibility of using TOY for this project. Will TOY be made available to the public, and if so, any idea when? And will it be free open-source?

  3. Yes, TOY is a pretty nice fit for language learning. I think is used for it already somewhere and you can use it too.

    Now you can test it on the public demo server via Same hosting tech is used for some customer deployments, provided as a service for money. Most of the tech is in the default realXtend distro, but not all the custom tools are available as open source (yet).

    Updates for the library functionality should be coming in during the autumn, and more pilot usage, info about it etc.

  4. Hi, I can’t find the TOY world anywhere :(
    The TRY IT button redirects to Tundra downloads on the sidebar in Chrome, and within Tundra, it also does nothing.
    I also tried the as shown in the video but nothing happens. Even the tundra://79.125… link does nothing in Tundra (from the video).

  5. Hi, I think my previous comment is avaiting moderation, that’s why I cant’t see it.
    I’d like to inform you that I’ve found TOY in Meshmoon. I’d be great if the post could be updated with this information and/or the sidebar TRY IT button for others who maybe also looking for it :)

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