Tundra 1.0.7 released

The 1.0.7 was supposed to be a quick bug fix release for the webview UI and some other things after 1.0.6. But we dragged it out so it grew a bit bigger as you can see from the change log. Update your Tundra as usual from the windows/in viewer menus or from the direct link at the bottom. Have fun and report bugs back! :)

  • New framework update logic that has a frame limiter that does not use thread sleep anymore. This will let Qt:s main loop breath a bit more resulting in more responsive ui and make rendering fps more steady. You can set the fps with start param –fpslimiter as usual.
  • The in viewer web browser now has disk cache, disk icon database and cookie support to speed up browsing and to be more pleasant with cookies. The cache/cookie settings can be modified from the browser settings ui, they can both be also cleared from there.
  • The in viewer web browser now has bookmark support. You can add, remove, edit and re-order your bookmarks. Accessed with the bookmark icon on the right side of browser toolbar.
  • New DevicesAPI for registering and getting devices. The device can be anything, data the device emits to interesting parties can be anything that QVariant supports. See more from the https://realxtend.org/doxygen/device_api_page.htmldoxygen for examples.
  • SceneInteract: Entity action ‘MouseRelease’ added when mouse press is released on the entity and ‘MouseScroll’ when mouse is scrolled on the entity.
  • Object focus camera is back, can be used with Alt + left mouse click to object. Has UI to get back to last active camera.
  • Avatar application adds a toggle freecam/avcam button to browser toolbar. Has UI button to show when you are in freecam mode and pressing button will return you to av cam.
  • AssetCache will now more actively try to resolve if cache files are corrupted. Mainly happens on linux as its possible to open a file in write mode from more than one process. So cache files may have gotten corrupted if you were running multiple viewer/server instances that fetched same assets and accessed the asset cache.
  • Added framework->ApiVersion() and ->ApplicationVersion() for version information. See usage instructions from doxygen, http://www.realxtend.org/doxygen/class_api_version_info.html and http://www.realxtend.org/doxygen/class_application_version_info.html
  • AddContentWindow can now be operated in silent commit mode, no ui is shown if you’d like so. Not used in core yet, but an option to 3rd party code.
  • SceneInteract: Renamed ‘EntityClicked’ signal renamed to ‘EntityMousePressed’. Added ‘EntityMouseReleased’ signal.
  • Doxygen has had some cleanup and additions. New style for the pages to be more readable.
  • New example app to scenes folder: SlideCircle.
  • EC_LaserPointer now tracks the placeable for position changes and monitors if mouse goes outside the main window, or if a graphics item is under mouse and clears the laser.
  • –storage and –run start parameters can have multiple values, so you can make Tundra run eg. 3 scripts on startup. Can be used with –storage foo/bar/ –storage bar/
  • CameraInputModule and its CameraInput object now support setting camera capture fps during runtime.
Bug Fixes
  • When a –login tundra:// url was given when launching app, the browser ui did not focus the inworld tab.
  • Fixed that EC_WebView did not enforce its material to the submesh index. So when webview rendered before the actual material was loaded via asset api the material overrided the web view texture. Fixed creating unique EC_3DCanvas for rendering, meaning that you should be able now to have multiple EC_WebViews rendering to same entitys EC_Mesh to different submeshes.
  • Fix crash bug from EC_3DCanvas where image was invalid. Ogre threw an exeption that was not handled until mainloop and that crashed the whole app.
  • Most IAsset subclasses didn’t implement SerializeTo correctly, so the base implementation was always called. Broke eg. txml/tbin web drag and drops.
  • kNet library: Fix a few cases where servers end up in a hang up state and did not accept new connections. Essentially got some stability bug fixes and cleanup.
  • EC_Placeable LookAt now updates transform properly.
  • EC_ParticleSystem was not included in the release due to code ifdef screw up.
JavaScript API changes for script writers
  • SceneInteract
    • Renamed ‘EntityClicked’ signal renamed to ‘EntityMousePressed’.
    • Added ‘EntityMouseReleased’ signal.
    • Entity action ‘MouseRelease’ added when mouse press is released on the entity and ‘MouseScroll’ when mouse is scrolled on the entity.
  • New apiversion and applicationversion objects
    • You can check the framework API version to make scripts smarter and avoid runtime errors if the API is too old. You can even write same script and support old clients and new ones if it comes to that!
    • Current API version is 0.7 and application version is 1.0.7
    • Final 1.0 API will be set later when our framework api is finished and freezed. Might take some time still :)

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