How to run your own virtual world

I just read Jonne’s excellent instructions from realXtend mailing list how to setup your own server. It is really easy. These instructions are for Windows, but will go as is in linux aswell (just omit .exe on the executables) – I will get back to this once I get it running myself. So here is what Jonne wrote (edit: Jonne edited this post to be even a bit more clear):


  1. Open firewall port 2345 for UDP.
  2. Install Direct X 9 to the server, be sure its there. The server still requires it even if you wont be rendering anything (as we will run with –headless start param), you dont need graphics card on your server but you need to install dx9.
  3. Open cmd prompt and go to your server install dir (default C:\Program Files (x86)\realXtend\Tundra for x64 system, drop (x86) for others)
  4. Run command to start server: server.exe –headless –protocol udp


Lets pretend you started your server and your servers hostname is, also IP address of course suits here. Just resolve the net IP of your server.

  1. Go to your install Tundra directory same as above (client and server are bundled both in the installer.
  2. Double click viewer.exe to start viewer.
  3. On the browser UI go to the left most tab that say “Login”
    1. Server: (no http:// in front)
    2. Username: any_name_without_spaces
    3. Protocol: Select UDP checkbox.
    4. Press the Connect button in the right bottom corner.

If you are not getting logged in take a remote to the server and see the server prints. If it does not print anything a) your IP or port is wrong b) some firewall is blocking your connection. In the client you can drop console by pressing F1, but if the connection fails it will not give you much information im afraid.

Also note that the server is empty when you log in. This is normal and wanted behaviour. We dont but anything in the scene for you (expect sky and sun and some fog.) If you seem to be in all grey place, left click the scene and press space to lift up your camera from the fog.

Loading some content

If you get login to show next you can try loading a real scene:
Go to your running server and shut it down with typing “exit” to the server console.
Run this: “server.exe –headless –protocol udp –file”
Login and see some stuff! You can modify your copy of the scene as you like, the original source (rex hosted scene) will not get modified, so feel free to play around. Note this scene might be missing avatar also before its fixed by toni :)

Making your own content

Once you have your empty scene, you can start dropping meshes, txml/tbin or ogre scene files into it. Note that by default Tundra will forget the content when you close it down, this is normal and wanted behavior by default. To keep your scene between server boots go to the configuration file that tundra server prints after it has been started! Set the following in the file (tundra.ini)


Send more questions if you still have problems :) So to get your tundra world started you have to get some content your self, you can export a scene from blender and drag and drop it to the scene. I can write detailed instuctions how to upload the scene to a web server with tundra once you get to that point.

— Thanks Jonne for clear instructions!

3 thoughts on “How to run your own virtual world

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  2. Thanks for a great post, got our test server running! Spellcheck might have played a trick on the post though: should there be two hyphens instead of a long dash in the command line: “Run command to start server: server.exe –headless –protocol udp”.
    It helps for a rex n00b like me who doesn’t figure to open the command line help :)

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