WebNaali Demo On-Line

UPDATE: The demo server is currently offline, as it is being updated to a new version that works with new browsers (Chrome 14 and up) and Tundra2.

First WebNaali demo is up. It features very basic avatar and chat functionality, connected to a Tundra server hosting the TOY lobby scene. You can connect to the same server with native Tundra too. A video of these basics:

It currently works only in stable Chrome, version 13. We’ll look at Firefox support next.

Client is at http://www.realxtend.org/webnaali/ws3dclient.html.
It doesn’t have progress bars, and it takes long for the scene to download with the textures, and during that you mostly just see a white page now. Be patient.

The Tundra server this connects to is running at playsign.fi. You can connect there with the native client too (release 1.0.8) — address playsign.fi and default port (2345), no password needed. Is fun to use both a native and browser client together, move with either one and see it move in the other window, as shown in the video.

The scene has avatar and chat application running, and those work interoperably: both native and browser clients get avatars, see each others avatars move (sliding feet without animation in WebNaali now), and the simple text chat works (currently WebNaali users don’t show in the chat participants list that the native version has, but everything they say shows there as said by ‘WebSocket’.)

The avatar and chat functionality are made using Tundra’s generic Entity-Component-Action model, which means that any kinds of applications can be implemented with the same protocol — for example some game or presentation tool that doesn’t have avatars or chat at all.

There’s also a rendering test with the same static scene, that works in all recent versions of Chrome and in recent Firefoxes (4 and up) .. so if you don’t have Chrome13 but want to see the scene, try:

Later development versions of Chrome have changed the WebSockets protocol, and our server end is not compatible yet (should be easy to get working by updating to recent libraries, people seem to work on those every day and we have tested those now). So the actual client doesn’t work with those now. Firefox support
should be simple to add.

The code is straight the master branch of WebNaali from github, we consider it 0.1 now.
Kudos to Rauli for the bulk of the work!

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