Tundra and Blender Integration demo presentation

The video from the realXtend presentation at Blender Conference 2011 is up, thanks to the conference organizers!

The picture is from a camera viewing the projected display, which was nice and bright with colours at the conference venue, but for some reason appears quite dark in the youtube video. Things do show and audio is ok so I hope this works as an introduction to Tundra overall. Features the Chesapeake Bay demo scene with little games, and finally the nice new Blender integration itself. There are other videos and docs about blender2ogre with actual usage instructions etc. by Brett.

Having the ‘magic button’ in Blender, that automatically runs the Ogre exporter and runs the scene in Tundra for me, has actually made a big difference: now just testing some old existing game prototype scene, made with Blender, doesn’t feel like much effort with the exports and all .. is just a click of a button. Workflow is the thing!

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