Meshmoon Hosting Service Updated

Along with a host of new features, there have been major usability improvements in content creation and scene management as a part of our continuous work to make the service more accessible and user friendly. We thank you all for your feedback, the results are now out and benefit everyone!


You can get the viewer update either through the Rocket viewer’s own autoupdater or from (Windows and Mac versions available). Please let us know what you think about the improvements! Don’t forget that we are constantly working on the service and there’s a lot more good stuff still to come.


Let’s take a brief look at what the latest update has.


1)   Totally redesigned storage management functionality. One of the biggest concerns for our users was the requirement for Cyberduck or other third party file transfer software and we’re happy to report that such issues are now a thing of the past. All the content transfer functionalities are now handled directly in the Rocket viewer – and we threw in some extras like live material / script editing functionality. We are still looking for ways to improve the feature, but its usability is already so far above and beyond what we had earlier that we encourage you to try it out, especially if you felt that the earlier version was too cumbersome.


2)   We took steps towards a more flexible avatar implementation by adopting the OpenAvatar standard created by VastPark. The avatar selection / creation user interface has also been enhanced significantly, go check it out and add some personal touch to your virtual presence!


3)   Along with the storage management, we have also revamped the web-based application distribution user interface. The new version is better able to handle the growing numbers of applications created by us and you alike.


4)   To get you started with experimenting and creating, we provide a number of public layers for all users. The layers can be used as a basic platform for building your own scenes – especially useful if you simply need an attractive background for quickly setting up a scene with our easy-to-use content tools. The Finnish scenery depicted below was made by LudoCraft.


5)   Our Mac users will also be happy to hear that our software is now Gatekeeper compatible. Security is always an important consideration for us.


The above list contains only a part of all the fixes and improvements we have created so far – let alone all the exciting developments coming up later. Big thanks to all of our users for the valuable feedback. We wouldn’t have made it this far without you, we hope that the improvements we’ve done will help motivate you to keep creating and providing the feedback!

– The Adminotech team

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