Major Mumble VoIP fixes in the latest Rocket viewer release

The Rocket viewer version 2.4.1 for the Meshmoon hosting service was launched earlier this week. One of the highlights of the release is a fix to a Mumble VoIP related bug that has been bugging us for a while now. As a result, you should see marked improvements in sound quality over the previous versions, especially in situations with several people in the conversation. We encourage everyone to try out the enhanced VoIP and let us know how it works. The fixes should also be available in the future realXtend Tundra releases, but for now you will need to go to Meshmoon to try out the new VoIP.

The latest Rocket viewer (Win & OSX) is available here. If you have one of the previous versions, autoupdate will get you up to date next time when you launch the rocket. Full changelog is available here

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1 thought on “Major Mumble VoIP fixes in the latest Rocket viewer release

  1. Hello,
    Version 2.5 not work !
    I have windows7, and this latest version not work. But version 2.4.1 work nice. And I am looking to easy files for him.
    Good job with this interesting application. He reminde me about MineTest, another application where same application can be used both such as client and server,
    I want to meet users of this cool application.

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