realXtend Tundra 2.5.1 Released

As promised, a 64-bit version is now also available for Windows for the first time. Head over to the downloads here, changelog available here.

3 thoughts on “realXtend Tundra 2.5.1 Released

  1. This is a great game engine but I wish it had more detailed instructions to get it going and address common problems. That is the only thing missing for me to use this.

  2. Agreed – there is much more basic documentation available now then before, mostly thanks to Meshmoon’s docs, but a manual and more tutorials etc. would still be great to have.

    Have you checked the also very recently updated docs on the Meshmoon side?

    Other than that the only option is to ask questions now, we have a nice friendly crowd here, in the google groups and on the irc chat that is glad to help.

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