Cloud Party People – Welcome to realXtend?

Quite some news:

They provide Collada export so people can get their worlds / content.

Perhaps they can move to realXtend? This is a perfect example of downsides of proprietary techs, owned by a single company which can just get shut down like that. On open source, anyone and many hosting providers can run the worlds so this would not happen.

We are finally releasing Web client next week, WebTundra made with WebSockets + WebGL — like CloudParty is too — and WebSocket server integrated to Tundra. And friendly Meshmoon hosting, similar to Cloud Party but using realXtend, will feature 1.0 production quality integrated web client.

Interesting times! Also of course intriguing to see what Yahoo will do. But that will also be proprietary and closed, probably takes time too. Who knows perhaps interoperability etc. will be possible also with them eventually etc, with web and possible upcoming vw / 3d internet standards?

3 thoughts on “Cloud Party People – Welcome to realXtend?

    • .dae and .obj are supported mesh formats, realXtend Tundra and Meshmoon supports adding meshes with these formats.

      Imo scene imports are another thing. Yes, you can model the whole scene as a single .dae file but I don’t think its still considered a “scene” format. .obj afaik is a single mesh file format that can also describe material properties.

      We should document the dae/obj path better at Meshmoon, that much is true :) Still importing the whole scene as a ogre/tundra scene is the easiest option for modelers! Its just another plugin to your tool and will make import a lot less complicated on the client side. I would go insane importing 200 dae objects separately and putting them to the correct positions again in the client (like they were in you authoring tool).

      Send us feedback if you have good ideas how to improve the .dae/.obj import side!

      • I think Collada is a fine valid scene format, for full scenes. Or at least reasonably big chunks of it (like a single Blender or 3DSMax scene). That’s how we’ve authored our current glTF test scene — the 9×9 blocks part of the upcoming city model is a Collada export from Blender with the whole scene and that is then converted to glTF.

        BTW that test is on-line at (takes a while for the Oulu model to load)

        Jonne, Ogre/Tundra formats are not easy when there is no exporter for your tool .. and even then e.g. Collada is simple as is preinstalled / bundled in all the tools, no need to install anything.

        We’ve planned work for a good recommended asset pipeline in the final phases of the current EU project still, scheduled for February & March now — let’s continue the talks and come up with something that works.

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