Experience the Meshmoon 3D spaces now in your web browser!

Experience the Meshmoon 3D spaces now in your web browser – no plug-ins or installations needed – with the new WebRocket 1.0. Other news include meshmoon.com facelift, Rocket 2.5.3 release, and more! Read more here: http://eepurl.com/NDCwz

5 thoughts on “Experience the Meshmoon 3D spaces now in your web browser!

  1. This is great news, sadly I wish there was a US hosting company and the hosting prices are fairly high compared to hosting you can purchase for OpenSimulator (even though RealXTend has more game/interactive functions.) Compare to this hosting service: http://zetamex.com/

    • Our pricing might be a bit confusing for OS users. We need to improve on that. Here is the intro with OS terminology.

      Quickly: We do have hosting in the US also. You can select where you would prefer your 3D space to be hosted from the web settings, this can be configured per 3D space.

      – We have no object (primitive) limitations. It depends on the target audience and their hardware, how fancy do you want to make your scene. We build with meshes, which can equal to hundreds of “prims” in each one. The system is not going to be bottle necked by the amount of objects (Entities in our terminology). If you don’t go to hundreds of thousands of meshes, even there we can do very well with mesh instancing etc.
      – We have no 3D space size restrictions. As far as I know Opensim regions have a fixed size (256×256?).
      – 1 Meshmoon world == 1 opensim simulator. So, in our lowest priced plan you get 20 “simulators”.
      – Our avatar restrictions are pretty much the same or higher. The free 3D space one will already offer you 3 (well up this soon to 5). Of course in our system avatars are optional, its just a “app” you enable in your 3D space. So essentially these are client network connection limits.
      – We don’t sell hardware, we sell 3D spaces :) I don’t understand why they are even listing how much RAM you get. The Meshmoon server (based on realXtend Tundra tech) runs on very small amount of ram and only loads meshes to memory if needed for physics calculations. You wont hit a server side memory problem any time soon, even with a large scenes. All our 3D spaces are hosted on high end machines in EU, USA and Finland.
      – ZetaPanel (I assume this is UI management of sim) == meshmoon.com for configuring all aspects of your account and 3D spaces.

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