7 Training Events Around Europe in FIWARE Startup Weekends

Here are the times and places of the bootcamps / FIWARE Startup Weekends which referred to in the earlier post about the app dev funding. We do the part on Advanced Web UIs.


Basic info copy-pasted below from the FIWARE site, see there for more info.

October 2-5
Germany: Hamburg
Italy: Milan

October 16-19
Germany: Berlin
France: Sophia-Antipolis
Spain: Valencia

November 13-16
Portugal: Lisbon
France: Rennes

Each of these events will be structured as follows:

Two full-day Bootcamp providing training on main FIWARE Generic Enablers.
A Startup Weekend event focused on FIWARE

Folks from Adminotech, Ludocraft, Cyberlightning, Playsign and DFKI will be there for the 3d, geographical, network and virtual & mixed reality & AR plus internet-of-things techs.

A unique chance now I think to get dev coaching for making your own apps from experienced realxtend devs possibly near where live.. if someone is curious down there in the south :) (DFKI is in Germany and covers the events there but we know each others techs pretty well by now).

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