3D Web & Open Data for Smart Cities using realXtend and Meshmoon

An intense week of realXtend based app development is going on here in Oulu now! As a part of the 7th Summer School on Ubiquitous Computing organized by the UBI (UrBan Interactions) research program, I and Cvetan & Koste from Adminotech are running a hackathon with prof. Ojala.


Focus of the hackathon is open Open Data and Smart Cities, and area with much activity around realXtend also otherwise:

  • EU’s FIWARE announced global Open Data activities at CeBIT 2015
  • the Finnish national 6Aika project is getting started and there’s a plan to harmonize on the realXtend open source base to get an open innovation platform for the cities in Finland (and hopefully globally eventually :)
  • Adminotech has good business going on with their smart city offering and the new Meshmoon Geo plugin.

In the hackathon this week, the international group of participants is expected to demo their applications on Saturday. They are using current development versions of the Meshmoon SDK to get an easy WebTundra & Tundra based application development environment, with automated launching of the server in the background and autogenerated boilerplate when creating a new application etc.

We’ve worked on new introductory materials to realXtend & Meshmoon and the guys have also improved the detailed API documentations for this workshop. We’ll publish all those online latest after the workshop while now still refine and improve the infos while working with the participants.

The hackathon results will be presented in a public event on Saturday here in Oulu. Videos of those presentations will be put online and I’ll update the info here then so that folks elsewhere can see what ideas & protos people have come up with!

In the coming weeks, I’ll post also more info about the FIWARE, 6Aika and other Smart City efforts where realXtend has a central role.

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