3D Models in City Planning

realXtend is making it’s way into city planning processes.

The city of Oulu organized a seminar about 3D models in city planning (Finnish) on 16th March 2016 with a hall full of participants from architect companies & technology providers working with point clouds and other 3D models.

Timo Mukari presented how the city provides 3D models automatically from the official city databases. Jere Klami explored the possibilities with 3D models in participatory city planning. Tommi Hollström presented the MAPGETS application platform — based on realXtend’s WebTundra — which features automated generation of 3D cities from map and building databases. Toni Alatalo described Playsign‘s approach to utilize lessons from games to bring action structures on top of the models and showed the Playsign product for publishing city and building plans as game-like mobile and web apps.


Toni Alatalo / Playsign on game-like action structures for engaging people in city planning

The technologies are getting on-board to be actually utilized for city services and planning — stay tuned for updates we’ll post when actual end user applications come online!

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