Tundra based hosting service Meshmoon launched


Meshmoon Launched

I’m a developer at Adminotech Ltd. and we do work around the realXtend Tundra platform. We have always been a server orientated company and from the start of the Tundra project we have been interested in hosting servers for it.
Today we launch the Meshmoon hosting platform, a scaling hosting system with easy to use web user interface to control all aspects of you scenes. Continue reading

Tundra 1.0.8 released

The windows msi installer got some new attention from me this time. Many people have been having problems with the directx 9 detection. After some research on the issue the web installer we use does not have the best support for this. Also the (commercial) software I use to make the msi package does not have good support for msi installer to check dependencies on the fly. In order to do this properly I would need to make a .exe bootstrapper for the msi. This is unwanted as msi has some nice features for example sysadmins at eg. schools to mass install the client for big amount of machines. Before we switched to msi installers we shipped the directx installer and always ran it without checking if you have directx, this we wanted to avoid with some smarter stuff but now it seems our approach was not the best.

So for this release and the next ones after it we have re-enabled running the directx web installer every time you run a Tundra installer. The installer itself will do a brief check (when you start hitting continue franticly) if you have directx 9 and will do no additional downloading or installing, if you dont have the latest 9.0c it will install it for you. Hopefully you run this at least once to check if you have it, if you are sure you have it you can just hit cancel on the directx installer and it will go away and wont affect the Tundra installation in any way. OpenAL and the C++ runtime still have the smart checks and will not prompt you to install anything if you already have it, for these the smart checks are working well so I left them as is. If you’d like to check directx after the installation you will find a new shortcut start menu -> realXtend Tundra -> Help -> Instal DirectX 9 to go trough the validation steps again.

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How to publish content to realXtend Tundra


We have gotten some interest for the Tundra project lately. Mostly from the old rex users from the Naali and Taiga days and partly from new people discovering the realXtend project. I think the most asked question on the mailing lists where we developers lurk are “how do i host a tundra world?” and “the server is just a grey world, where is content?”. I think the questions are justified for few reasons: we haven’t gotten into really documenting usage instructions on the server/viewer setup for tundra and secondly I think Tundra is so different from OpenSim/second life/insert vw tech here that it’s confusing even if you have done stuff with eg. OpenSim before.

I’m a developer and am quite up to speed how Tundra works under the hood. So I’ll try to make detailed instructions on the subjects.

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Tundra 1.0.7 released

The 1.0.7 was supposed to be a quick bug fix release for the webview UI and some other things after 1.0.6. But we dragged it out so it grew a bit bigger as you can see from the change log. Update your Tundra as usual from the windows/in viewer menus or from the direct link at the bottom. Have fun and report bugs back! :)

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