First commercial realXtend based product now live!

Since 2007 when realXtend was born, I have been waiting to announce this moment. Although realXtend has already been used in many commercial purposes, this is the first time a full-blown realXtend based software product is available. CyberSlide is also the first product of Cyberlightning Ltd.

The idea behind the product is simple – convert your powerpoint presentation to a camera-flight experience in a virtual world. The results can be viewed using realXtend based viewer on a PC, or on a 3D stereographic android phone LG Optimus P920. The rest can enjoy results in a video format.

I just uploaded my 3D Internet presentation to Youtube, take a look. If you have stereographic hardware, you can enjoy the true 3D capabilities of CyberSlide as well.

Now I just hope to get some sales to be able to put the excess profits back to realXtend development! Buy CyberSlide now!

How to run your own virtual world

I just read Jonne’s excellent instructions from realXtend mailing list how to setup your own server. It is really easy. These instructions are for Windows, but will go as is in linux aswell (just omit .exe on the executables) – I will get back to this once I get it running myself. So here is what Jonne wrote (edit: Jonne edited this post to be even a bit more clear):

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New website coming soon…

realXtend website has gone through numerous changes. This time the reason for the change is the realXtend association that was just founded and it needs to be explained in its own web pages (coming soon!). We also figured out that it was a bit awkward to make updates to the previous version of the pile of PHP files – moving to WordPress as the publishing platform also makes it possible to add more people as editors easily.

Btw, if you want to contribute to website, please let us know at!

A new generation of realXtend technology

Since late summer of 2010, we have been working on new server technology known as “Tundra”. A more detailed, if somewhat dated, explanation can be found here.

The Tundra project has matured considerably and is now at version 1.0.6. Most importantly it has become the preferrable option for getting to know realXtend, you can download the latest installer here:

With Tundra package you get some demos you can run easily on your own computer without setting up specific servers etc. (which you can of course also do). For a quick look at some of the demos we posted a YouTube video based on the earlier Tundra 1.0 here:

For any questions you’d like to ask, please use our mailing lists
or the IRC at #realXtend and #realXtend-dev.

Naali 0.3.4 out now

Another three weeks and another Naali release. This time the theme is about great power and great responsibility with some flash thrown in in the form of basic flash support for the webview. From now on server admins have access to a feature that enables them to save entire scenes or parts of them, and programmers can include Python modules downloaded from the web into their applications. Full changelog available here:

Download the 0.3.4 viewer here: