Tundra Developer Documentation

Introduction and Architectural overview

There is an introductory article from the early days of Tundra:

Alatalo Toni (2011). An Entity-Component Model for Extensible Virtual Worlds. Internet Computing, IEEE. Sept.-Oct. 2011. Volume: 15 Issue:5 pp. 30 – 37

That article was and some other article drafts are worked on in .

End-user documentation and development tutorials

Meshmoon has good basic both end user and developer documentation for Tundra SDK now — huge thanks to them for the work and having the docs on-line for us all: .

The Meshmoon specific parts are marked there so you should be able to know what applies to basic Tundra and realXtend tech and what is Meshmoon hosting specific.

Technical specifications

Codebase statistics

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