realXtend Tundra SDK

Tundra SDK binary releases

Description Revision Release Date
Windows 64-bit Installer exe 2.5.3 2014-04-08
Windows 32-bit Installer exe 2.5.3 2014-04-08
Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit deb 2.5.3 2014-04-08
Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit deb 2.5.3 2014-04-08
Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit deb 2.5.3 2014-10-17

For Mac we currently provide the earlier release: Tundra 2.5.2 OS X 64-bit

Tundra SDK sources


realXtend’s HTML5 / WebGL & WebSockets client. WebTundra can connect to a Tundra server for real-time interactive multiuser 3D in a Web browser. It implements Tundra’s Entity-Component model with network synchronization and uses three.js for graphics rendering.

For more information and installation and usage instructions see:

Note: a new generation of the WebTundra client, first release in 2.x series, is coming soon in autumn 2015 and is being developed in the dev2 branch in github. Similarily to Tundra, the core of WebTundra 2 is used in Meshmoon’s WebRocket as well.


LudoCraft Circus

    • Visit and experiment with LudoCraft Circus, a realXtend Tundra technology showcase world (source assets included for non-commercial use)

6 thoughts on “Download

  1. What about rpm-packages for opensuse Linux (or at least fedora)? Or,even better: an universal installer (for exapmle using the Loki-Installer) for most Linuxdistros at once instead of only ubuntu? Ubuntu might be a big deal on Desktop-Linuxsystems but there are a lot of more Linuxdistros other than Ubuntu running as servers and so an universal installer or at least rpm-packages would be helping most serveradmins a lot better than trying around with alien or compiling by hand ;)

      • Hmpf! I tried to change my available virtual Server to CentOS 6 due to the availability of the rpm-Packages (has longer lasting support than any Ubuntu actually, up to 2017 now) , but obviously there are 2 unsovable Dependancies: qtscriptgenerator and qtscriptbindings. Any Idea where i can get these Packages for CentOS 6 x86_64 Architecture?

  2. 2.3.1 out but nevertheless no working Version for CentOS 6, only an quiet old one with obviously unresolvable dependencies,or does anybody have a hint where to get rpm-Files for qtscriptgenerator and qtscriptbindings which are needed to install the old 1.0.8 rpms for running a headless-server under CentOS 6.2?? I couldn´ t find these rpms anywhere up to now :-/

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