realXtend Tundra is a scriptable 3D internet application development platform. It is aimed primarily for application developers, as a platform for creating networked 3D worlds with customized content. Here are examples of applications created with realXtend Tundra technology:

Cloud Church

Sogeumi Game Trailer

Virtual Gallery Weekend 2012

CyberLightning? 3D Internet with CyberSlide?

Project Room

LudoCraft? Circus Tundra 2 technology showcase world. Experience live at

Tundra 1.0 demos

YourLife? Project

TOY project (future learning environments / Finnish school of the future project)

Tundra asset live-reloading demonstration

Blender-Tundra integration

1 thought on “Media

  1. It´s impressive rendering for the internet. I was thinking in a old technology called VRML which was supposed to change the way we use the internet. I believe now it´s the time.

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