Tundra based hosting service Meshmoon launched


Meshmoon Launched

I’m a developer at Adminotech Ltd. and we do work around the realXtend Tundra platform. We have always been a server orientated company and from the start of the Tundra project we have been interested in hosting servers for it.
Today we launch the Meshmoon hosting platform, a scaling hosting system with easy to use web user interface to control all aspects of you scenes. Continue reading

A Church in the Clouds

Another interesting realXtend application emerged last week when Oulu3D, a company specialized in modeling cities and buildings in virtual worlds, published its Pilvikirkko (“Church in the Clouds”) project. Thanks to their efforts, a small piece of Finnish history is now conserved in virtual reality in the shape of a model of the 250 years old Haukipudas church. The model is now available at www.pilvikirkko.fi.
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51 exhibitions in Berlin and realXtend

Berlin Gallery Weekend 2012 featured 51 new openings in galleries around the real city. Each exhibition is also publicly online using realXtend in Virtual Gallery Weekend — at least for this week still, so you have now a unique chance to see some interesting contemporary art pieces!

The same scene is available both with a Tundra client (‘full version’) and, for the first time for a real commercial realXtend service, with a browser based client using Flash and Away3d (‘light version’).

Do visit, and we are happy to answer any questions for example in the comments here! Virtual Gallery Weekend is a Spinningwire Ltd. project, in collaboration with Adminotech for the Tundra version and Playsign for the browser based one. The technology review leading to use of Away3d for this project was published earlier in Browser Based realXtend Client Technologies.

reXperiments Community Meetings 27 Mars 2012 on R.M.P

We are pleased to announce our first monthly reXperiments Community Meeting for the end of March.Tuesday the 27th of March precisely at 14h30 GMT+2 .

This meeting is totally dedicated to the community, it would be nice to meet eachother to talk about our projects, the Rexperiments meetings will be an exiting moment to share about the futur of virtual platforms inside education and art ,e-learning, design, architecture and futur of 3dWeb.

Connect to R.M.P community platform,  just click on the flyer above and login.

1- in the login page ,download the latest tundra version for mac and pc
2- back in the Realxtend login page choose nam
3- In select Scene select “realxtend-rmp”
4- click on one of the three avatars, the Tundra client should then starts

see you there ^^