realXtend Association

The realXtend association was founded April 2011, and its purpose is to gather feedback and ideas from all the users and developers of realXtend technologies. If you are using realXtend technologies and want to participate into forming the future of the 3D Internet and realXtend technologies, please join!

Application form

Copy-paste the form below and email your application to toni at Thanks!

  • Your name:
  • email:
  • phone number:
  • Address:

Other contact details (e.g. web site):

  1. How are you using realXtend technologies now?
  2. How do you plan to use realXtend technologies in the future?
  3. What feedback would you like to give to the realXtend association?
  4. What is the single most important thing you want to see on the platform in the future?

Current members of the association are (in alphabetical order)

11 thoughts on “realXtend Association

  1. We have been working for sometime now in VIrtual Environments and have implemented/hosted all of them aside from Open Croquet.

    We would like to focus our attention on realXtend after seeing demonstrations of its utility at a recent Immersive Education Conference in Boston.

    We are located in Minnesota, USA so we have a lot of Finns over here too, :-).

    We hope we can become valuable members of the realXtend community

    • Welcome on board! We will soon go through new membership applications and hope to find yours there waiting for us. Join also our mailing list and be part of the discussion.
      Thanks, Jani

  2. Good afternoon, I would like to know how can I play Realxtend with the Phoenix viewer.
    I can not access to the game.I do not know if I’m doing something wrong.
    what I have to fill in Phoenix to get to work?

    Thanks for the help
    Cláudi aGonçalves

  3. Excellent work. I also saw realxtend at a Immersive Education Initiative Summit and was very impressed, and have begun to use it for my students.

    • Great to hear!

      I am planning to do something with some schools here this autumn too — have high hopes for using the Chesapeake Bay things in teaching. Simple AI programming for the mallards and opossums etc :)

      Do tell us about possible probs etc. and don’t hesitate to ask about things that are unclear — we know we should really be documenting all the basics now etc.

  4. Help required-3d immersive Virtual environment on the web (3d website) development

    I want to develop 3d immersive virtual collaborative conference meeting environment on the web i.e an immersive virtual environment for our university Teachers to attend and address conference (meeting) Virtually in 3d Via Speech and text in real time

  5. Greetings – we are certainly interested in helping there! You can post further questions in public either here or one the realxtend mailing list, or if prefer to contact privately e.g. email to me (toni at or mr. Antti Ilomäki (antti.ilomaki at Antti is a kind of a neutral person here that talks with all the companies, but I can share the information with others here as needed too.

    WebNaali works in WebGL equipped browsers and works to show the scene and chat. Voice for it would have to be developed somehow — either using Flash, or the new things that Google is developing to allow voice in browsers without plugins.

  6. Hi, I tried to send application to mentioned address ( and got response that the address doesn’t exist. Is there a typo in the address or has it changed?

  7. Hi, I export a .txml file from blender with transparent tree texture. but in tundra i cant find transparency …how can i make texture transparency in tundra..plz help..

    • Hi Palash – sorry for missing this earlier, hopefully you found the info from the blender2ogre or meshmoon blender authoring documentation back then!

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