First commercial realXtend based product now live!

Since 2007 when realXtend was born, I have been waiting to announce this moment. Although realXtend has already been used in many commercial purposes, this is the first time a full-blown realXtend based software product is available. CyberSlide is also the first product of Cyberlightning Ltd.

The idea behind the product is simple – convert your powerpoint presentation to a camera-flight experience in a virtual world. The results can be viewed using realXtend based viewer on a PC, or on a 3D stereographic android phone LG Optimus P920. The rest can enjoy results in a video format.

I just uploaded my 3D Internet presentation to Youtube, take a look. If you have stereographic hardware, you can enjoy the true 3D capabilities of CyberSlide as well.

Now I just hope to get some sales to be able to put the excess profits back to realXtend development! Buy CyberSlide now!