3D Web & Open Data for Smart Cities using realXtend and Meshmoon

An intense week of realXtend based app development is going on here in Oulu now! As a part of the 7th Summer School on Ubiquitous Computing organized by the UBI (UrBan Interactions) research program, I and Cvetan & Koste from Adminotech are running a hackathon with prof. Ojala.


Focus of the hackathon is open Open Data and Smart Cities, and area with much activity around realXtend also otherwise:

  • EU’s FIWARE announced global Open Data activities at CeBIT 2015
  • the Finnish national 6Aika project is getting started and there’s a plan to harmonize on the realXtend open source base to get an open innovation platform for the cities in Finland (and hopefully globally eventually :)
  • Adminotech has good business going on with their smart city offering and the new Meshmoon Geo plugin.

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